For the 2014 Fal/Winter redesign we started with a clean slate in an attempt to simplify and clean up the design and user-flow to allow for an optimal browsing experience. Early on in the process we established a style guide naming Proxima Nova as the main typeface and a mellow color palette consisting of white, black, and a nice aqua/teal blue (#459a83 to be exact). With the style guide established we were able to clean up our type across the site and really dial in that consistency.  Global Navigation, Homepage, Shop Landing, Product Detail, Category, Features + Video, and Team all got completely redesigned from the ground up. The website was well received throughout the company, from product designers all the way to the upper management. Additionally the Welcome To Winter banner and badge I created became the lead image to our 2014 Winter campaign.

The 2014 Burton website was created in collaboration with Julie Toth - Sr. Designer, Daniel Munzing - Supporting DesignerDavid Pfluger - Art Director and Evan Rose - Creative Director. Lead image was taken by Gabe L'Heureux - Photographer.


For the team section I also art directed one of my first photoshoots at which we shot each of our team rider's kits in a shot from above things organized neatly style. Check out the slideshow of some of my favorites below.