After the launch of the 2013 Burton website I was fortunate enough to get tasked with the redesign of the Boardfinder, a shopping tool created to quickly help you find the right board based on your personal build and riding style. With the user flow already well established from the previous version I was able to focus most of my attention to making that flow responsive for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices as well as really dial in a design direction for the app to follow. The look and feel of the app is loosely based off of Craig’s, Burton's 10,000 square foot research and development facility where many of Burton's line of snowboards start off as prototypes. Although the shopping tool may have plenty of gritty textures, we decided to keep the user interface nice and clean allowing the user to flow easily through the process.

I created the Boardfinder shopping tool under the direction of Jeremie Dunnning - Sr. Web Designer.