It's always nice to get my hands on a print project to mix things up a bit. The 2013 website had launched, the Boardfinder Shopping Tool was complete, and things were pretty mellow for us web designers here at Burton Snowboards. I was approached by the Creative Director, Evan Rose, and asked if I was interested in doing a little side print project for a collegiate rail jam the Flagship store was going to host here in Burlington, Vermont. Being that I was still less than a year out of college and a bunch of my friends would be competing I jumped on the opportunity. With plenty of creative freedom, I was able to flex some design muscle and create a look and feel that not only related to the well known Stash branding but also appealed to your standard college snowboarder. I wanted the creative to feel a bit like a screen printed concert poster you might see walking around downtown burlington and the trophies to have that natural stash feel while being something that a 21 year old contest winner would prefer to keep in their PBR drenched apartment rather than smash it before leaving the parking lot.

The Bash at the Stash look and feel was created in collaboration with Evan Rose - Creative Director.